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If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.  The Lemon Law claims process can be a bit complicated and we’re here to help guide you through all of the details.

A lemon is a yellow citrus fruit that is often used as a way to add flavor to tea or water, or even to just make Lemonade! Wait, that’s not what you were asking? Okay then… A “Lemon” is also a term used to describe a car that has been continually plagued with problems despite constant repair.

The Federal “Lemon Law” was originally passed in 1975 and since then all 50 states have enacted their own Lemon Laws as well. The Lemon Law for cars is designed to protect the consumer in case the manufacturer fails to deliver on a promise. When you buy a new car, the manufacturer makes certain promises to you as the consumer about the quality of that vehicle. If, for some reason, those promises are not met and the vehicle is continually in the shop for repairs, the law may protect you and require that the manufacturer provide you with a cash payment, a replacement car, or even be required to repurchase the vehicle from you.

At The Lemon Law Attorneys, we are committed to providing you with the best possible assistance each step along the way in our representation of you.  We like to say that the Lemon Law is as easy as 1-2-3.  Our goal is to resolve your matter as efficiently as possible:

1.  When you first contact us, we’ll get all the details regarding your vehicle’s problems and inform you what is needed for us to evaluate your claim.  We’ll let you know how to begin that process.

2.  After receiving all of your information, we’ll review your documents and determine if you have a valid claim.  Once we establish that you do have a claim and you agree to allow us to represent you, we will handle all of the paperwork, filing, and negotiations with the manufacturer on your behalf.  We’ll keep you informed of the settlement process and provide you counsel on the best way to proceed.

3.  Once a settlement has been agreed to (you must be satisfied with the settlement terms in order for this to happen), we’ll will work directly with you and the manufacturer to insure that the terms of the settlement are met.  Our representation of you is never complete until you have received your settlement proceeds.

Our approach allows The Lemon Law Attorneys to get you the best possible settlement in the shortest amount of time. It really is that simple. The best part is that state and federal vehicle warranty laws also allow for the recovery of attorney fees and costs under certain circumstances. Regardless of the outcome, you will never be billed by us for our services…ever!

The length of time required to reach a settlement depends upon many factors including, among many other things, type and length of repairs, repair history, vehicle, manufacturer, state of your claim, which law applies to your claim, and more. We strive to complete the process as quickly as possible and have a great deal of experience working with each manufacturer’s legal department. Because of our experience, we are often times able to push the process through to completion in a minimal amount of time. Give us a call and we’ll discuss what you can expect.

The Lemon Law varies for each state and understanding all the details of how it works can become a bit complicated. In some cases you may qualify based on the number of attempts to fix the problem, while in others you may qualify based on the number of days your car is “out of service” due to repairs. In short, the specifics of your qualification are dependent on many factors. Our experienced attorneys know the requirements for each state and will be able to quickly assess your eligibility for recovery. The reason we ask for you to call now is so that we can address the issue before it becomes worse and you can take the right steps to gather any information you may need to seek a claim from the manufacturer.

A dealer’s job is to try to fix your car and make you happy with what they sold you. They are not in the legal profession and only an attorney with Lemon Law experience would be able to advise as to whether you have a valid Lemon Law claim. It’s important to note that even without a vehicle that qualifies under the Lemon Law, you may have a valid claim under a variety of other state and federal warranty laws. We have helped thousands of people in this case as well. A quick phone call will help explain all your possible claims.

Depending upon the nature of the claim, you may be entitled to have the manufacturer purchase the car back from you less a charge for certain usage. There are also a number of other damages you may be entitled to depending upon your situation. Only a qualified Lemon Law attorney will be able to negotiate the best possible outcome of your claim. We understand the workings of the law and how each manufacturer is likely to handle each case. This experience allows us to maximize your recovery.

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With just a few pieces of information you’ll know instantly whether or not you may have a viable Lemon Law claim against the manufacturer of your vehicle. Please take a moment to see if we might be able to help and remember, there is no cost to you for our services.