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With just a few pieces of information you’ll know instantly whether or not you may have a viable Lemon Law claim against the manufacturer of your vehicle. Please take a moment to see if we might be able to help, and remember, we always seek our fees directly from the manufacturer so there is never any cost to you for our services.

Is Your Vehicle a Lemon?

Is your car in the shop, again? Are you always worried where you’ll be stuck when your car breaks down? Is that strange noise getting louder? Does your check engine light keep coming on for no apparent reason? If these things keep happening, you might have a lemon.


Learn About Your Rights Under the Washington Lemon Law

Each state is unique with its own set of rules and regulations. We can help you determine if you qualify under the Washington laws.

  • Number of Repair Attempts
  • Time Out of Service
  • Serious Safety Defect


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Our Lemon Law Attorneys will evaluate your case and discuss the best way to resolve it quickly.


We negotiate an agreement with the manufacturer (cash, refund, or replacement vehicle) depending on the facts of your claim.

In 2017, The Lemon Law Attorneys filed over 2200 claims covering more than 530 different problem vehicles across the country.

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Our in-depth understanding of the Lemon Law process will insure that your rights are protected. We will prevent you from being intimidated by the manufacturers or dealers.

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Our expert attorneys have devoted their practice to Lemon Law Resolution.

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We make sure that you are getting the best possible settlement for your claim.

Our services are NO cost to you

We use all state and federal laws to collect our fees directly from the manufacturer.


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